The Profile of the Library of Guizhou Institute of Technology

Guizhou Institute of Technology is a full-time ordinary undergraduate college of science and engineering established on April 18, 2013 in response to the needs of Guizhou Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government for the application-oriented talents of science and engineering by implementing the strategy of strengthening the province by industry and the urbanization driving strategy. The school library has two branch libraries in Caijiaguan Campus and Gui'an Campus, The total building area is 52915 square meters (including: Caijiaguan Campus Library, which was completed in 1986, with an area of 5915 square meters; Gui'an Campus Library, which opened on September 1, 2022, with an area of 47000 square meters). The two libraries are equipped with electronic reading rooms, reader self-study areas, leisure areas, open shelf reading areas, classic reading areas, new book exhibition areas, newspaper reading areas, exhibition halls, seminar rooms, etc., with 2471 reading seats (1062 libraries in Caijiaguan Campus, 1409 libraries in Gui'an Campus). Our library is a member of the China Higher Education Document Assurance System (CALIS), providing open academic exchanges and information retrieval services for all teachers and students.

The library has four management and service agencies: Office, Information and Technology Department, Acquisition and Cataloging Department and Circulation Department. There are 24 librarians, including 1 senior titles, 4 vice-senior titles and 11 intermediate titles.

The library has 1,008,106 books in its collection, more than 350,000 kinds and 1,049 kinds of Chinese periodicals, 8,227 volumes.

The library has 1.49 million kinds of electronic books, 19 electronic resource databases, such as the foreign language databases:Elsevier Science Direct, Springer, EI, PQDT, ACS and Chinese databases: CNKI (standards, yearbooks and academic journals), Wan Fang Database (doctor and master's dissertations, periodicals, important conference papers), New Oriental English, software, engineering training database, etc. There are 8,327 kinds of electronic periodicals. The amount of local mirror data is 42TB. The library has kinds of literature including science, engineering, management and the humanities, covering geological resources and geological engineering, environment, mining, metallurgy, machinery, materials, urban planning and environmental design, management science and engineering, electrical automation, computer information technology, civil architecture, transportation, aerospace, chemical engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, etc.

The construction of library network has initially realized service networking, resource digitization and management automation. It has configured with the basic network equipment, the central computer room backbone bandwidth 1000 megabytes, desktop bandwidth 100 megabytes, Wi-Fi full coverage, and equipped with relatively perfect service facilities, such as a touch-screen newspaper reading machine, a LED display screen, ten bibliographic retrieval machines and a electronic reading room, providing readers with dynamic information about the library in resources, services, management; The off-campus access system of digital resources has been introduced to authorize readers to use library electronic resources without IP and geographical restrictions. In addition, the library also has introduced the mobile library, Duxiu Knowledge Search Database, WeChat service and other document information service platform to achieve mobile reading services.

The library is currently open 96 hours a week. Open-shelf borrowing is adopted as the main service mode, taking reader service as the basic principle, taking reader demand as the starting point of all work, providing equal service to readers, embodying humanistic care in service and management, and providing high-quality, efficient and professional services to teachers and students. By means of standardized management, we will constantly improve infrastructure and network environment, strengthen the construction of library resources, pay attention to characteristics, and provide strong literature support and guarantee for teaching and scientific research. In addition, we will take full advantage of electronic literature resources and network book resources, carry out information resources co-construction and sharing, carry out the training seminars of literature propaganda and reader literature retrieval, guide students to make full use of the library. In the meant time, we organize reading promotion activities, such as "4.23 World Reading Day" and "Autumn Reading Season", striving to reading promotion, guiding teachers and students to improve reading quality and humanistic quality, providing a high level of intellectual support for the school teaching and scientific research work .

Library Curator: Liu Qi

Address:  Doctor Road, Dangwu Town, Gui'an New District, Guizhou Province

Zip code: 550025